Steve Cross
photo by Jamie Goodsell
I tend to see the world best with one eye closed and the other open to a viewfinder. Whether it's photographing a nationally known band on stage, a news event, or any other number of situations, one can usually find my face half-hidden behind a camera. After graduating from MTSU with a degree in Mass Communication concentratiing in photography, I began to refine my photography skills (honed by many years taking photos at events, of concerts, and working for Sidelines, the university's newspaper) in a multitude of settings. I have spent the past few years freelancing for various clients, including the Nashville Scene, Yamaha Commercial Audio, Vice Media, YEAH!, Gamma Blast productions, Pitchfork Media, Village Voice Media, and many others. While I find the most joy photographing live music and events, I am skilled in artist promo, portraiture, editorial, style/fashion, and fine art photography. Creating art, discovering a multitude of ways to express myself and the wishes of my clients, and seeing the world through my lens is what I strive for in photography. Please contact me at if you are interested in my services.